study day
invitation : Virginie Bobin
April, 18th
ESADHaR ; Rouen FR

solo exhibition
opening: Sept., 13rd
Ygrec art center ; Aubervilliers FR

collective exhibition
curators : Philippe Bettinelli & Anna Millers
opening: Sept., 26th
MAMCS ; Strasbourg FR

artistic residency
Rhizome ; Alger Algeria

+33 (0)7 86 04 87 97
Born 1988. in France
Works and lives in Aubervilliers (Paris, France)

With drawing as my main practice, I produce and reproduce simple, precise and fleeting gestures, inspired by current and societal events. What happens between us, within us, throughout the daily political challenge of living side by side? My raw material comes from contact zones: encounters, interactions, transmissions, collaborations, borrowings, negotiations, confrontations. I listen to and observe social relations, language - what it does to its users, what the users do to it. I study the transformations and the structure of language to rethink its conventional forms. I move and bring together bodies, languages, signs, visual representations (images), ways of saying, telling and thinking the close or distant world.
Since 2018, I am particularly interested in alternative modes of communication: where the narrative exists while words seem unsuitable. Silence, the void and the slightest gesture offer other readings of our contemporary societies and of History. What are the roles of the invisible in our attempts to read the world? How can it transform our look? How does it act on certain bodies, certain storytelling, silent words, disappeared public spaces? And yet, how can it also be empowering? Tools of oppression, how can silence and discretion, in turn, become language?

The drawing can be understood in a very broad dimension. It can take place on a sheet of paper as well as on wall, up to photographic image, video and film, typography, text, installation and performative action. They are often activated and interpreted, favouring the in situ and ephemeral forms.