research phase
experimental workshops and conversations
march 2020 - march 2021
production phase
writing of the protocol and realization of the work
film making
september 2021 - june 2022
commissionned by the Nouveaux commanditaires and supported by the Fondation de France. The project is also supported by the Fondation Daniel et Nina Carasso, the Fondation des Artistes, the FRAC PACA, the Académie of Aix Marseille.
arts outreach – production : thankyouforcoming
patrons : teachers, students, parents from Marseille, language scientists. A project sponsoring by Barbara Cassin, philologist, Hellenist and philosopher

In connection with several schools in Marseille, the project questionned languages as migratory objects, translation as a political issue, exile and transmission.
It is developed in close collaboration with the children attending these schools, many of whom are multilingual, based on their own experiences of the languages they use. I work in regard to a set of questions: what does it mean to speak several languages? Who are we, we who can not live without language? How does our language(s) construct us? And conversely, how, by performing it/them, do we pattern it/them?
How does language combine the intimate and the collective, making us live together while developing each person's own way of seeing and understanding the world? What do languages say about us that we do not say?